Thursday, October 11, 2012

Strömbacken 2006

Maria Lundberg first visited Strömbacken in 2006 and took these pictures.  This was our ancestor's home on the Brandbo Peninsula in Västmanland that he left behind when he came to America in 1880.

According to the current owner of the building, this was originally a stable and the building behind it a cowshed.  There was also a barn, where hay was stored.  The picture was taken from the front of the house.

This shot from the opposite direction shows the one-time cowshed on the left, the one time stables, and, a little behind them on the right, the house.

Maria neglected to get a picture of the front of the house but here are a couple more views:  this shows the house looking up from the boathouse.

And the side of the house

The boathouse on the banks of the canal; that is Sundbo across the water.

A closeup view of the boathouse deck and Sundbo across the canal.

Another view of the canal looking north from the boathouse.

The purpose of this building is unknown.

An aerial view of Strömbacken.

A map showing the location of Strömbacken on the canal, across from Sundbo.

A larger map of the area around Strömbacken.

A map of Sweden showing the location of Strömbacken.

Here is the site the aerial view and maps come from for those who want to explore in more detail.  You can choose maps or aerial views, zoom in and out, etc.

A record from around 1940 states that the estate was 268 acres of which 85 were farmland and 183 forest.  The main building or house was built in the early 1800s, another building a little after that.  Maria believes that refers to the boathouse.  The 'farm buildings' were built in the 1880s and the barn around 1990. 

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