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Curtis, Michigan - Early and Mid 1900s

This is where our ancestor, Andrew Gustave Strom, and his wife, Alma Charlotte Carlson settled and started their family of four sons, John Royal, Henning Edward, Harry Allan and Andrew Christopher.  From what I have been able to determine from land records, their home was situated along the shore of South Lake Manistique, about 2 miles southeast of Curtis, Michigan, Portage Township, Mackinac County, in the Upper Peninsula.

Here's a Google Map and Satellite image of Curtis today.

Mahn's Store

Railroad station, 1910.

Feneley School, 1906.   The teacher was Erman Scott, the girl is Lizzie Feneley, Harry and Chris Strom are side by side on the right, the other boy is Earl Norton.

Newberry Road, 1910.

The above four pictures are photocopies of post cards; the information came from Chris Strom.


Another town get-together.   These two pictures are from Joyce Williams keepsake album in 1985.

This 1904 Map of Mackinac County does not show Curtis, which had not come into existence by that time.

More pictures of our ancestors and their home in Curtis from the late 1800s to the early 1900s will be posted in another Gallery.

Joyce Williams visited Curtis in 1952 to see her grandmother Alma and Harry and his wife Vivian.  The following pictures are from that visit.

 This cabin on the banks of South Lake Manistique was the family's original home.

Joyce in front of the cabin.

This was the house that Alma lived in after Andrew Gustave died.

Joyce with Wayne and Paul, Alma, Harry and Vivian with their son Butch.

This Genealogy Trails gallery has more pictures of Curtis in the Mid 20th Century plus one from the first decade.

This page from the same site shows a big inn at Curtis that was constructed about the same time A. G. built his big house to replace the cabin. also has some historic postcards from Curtis and, from time to time, there are others on EBay.

My understanding is that Harry Strom, who lived all his life in Curtis, owned some of the rental cabins.

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